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A cartoon magnifying glass looking at some houses
A room being redecorated
Piles of clutter
Hand stamping a document as approved next to a phone and a cup of coffee
Angry man in front of a pile of coins
House with flood water coming up to door with sandbags
Two snowmen with hats on
Wrenches working on pipe
Alarm clock and mug of tea
Smashing wine glass
Camera next to travel journal
Legal gavel and pile of books
Satchel with notebook and phone spilling out
Architectural house plans
Diamond bracelet
EU flag
Calculator with coins in vice
Man wading through flooded street
Robin in snowy tree
Gas hob with flames
Rotten roof with holes
Hand pointing to cartoon home with lock on
House on fire
Cartoon house with large door key
Brown dog hanging head out of car window
Child playing on the floor
Paint cans and brushes on newspaper
Pile of coins with clock in the background
Hands holding pile of coins growing plants
Hands typing on laptop looking at rooms on a map
Hands popping water balloon
Bonfire burning in the night
Feet splashing in puddle
Man in hard hat fixing solar panels
Open window onto small balcony in the sun
Family with young daughter hiding in box
Flooded car park
Collection of tools and spanners
Clock next to stack of growing coins and wooden house
Red balloons with 'SALE' written on
Hand holding out new home keys
Man in shirt fixing a kitchen tap
Two firefighters fighting blaze
Hands typing on laptop with cup of coffee
Small wooden house with stacks of coins growing flowers
Row of terraced houses up a hill
Piggy bank spilling out silver coins
Row of houses by river
Young boy playing with mop