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10 Tips for Summer Home Security

Easy things you can do to reduce your risk

10 Tips for Protecting Your Home In Summer

Summer is all about making the most of the good weather, enjoying the garden and escaping on holiday. Unfortunately, it’s also a peak time for burglaries. Opportunistic thieves take advantage of open windows and can spot the tell-tale signs of an absent house, so follow these 10 top tips to keep your home secure in summer.

1. Shut your windows

Open window in block of flats

Avoid leaving downstairs windows open after you go to bed, as according to The Home Office, 56% of burglaries take place during the evening.

2. Tighten up social media

Padlock covered in computer chip pattern

These days, it’s easy for social media-savvy thieves to do their research online. It doesn’t take long to work out if a homeowner is away by checking up on social media sites – often rife with envy-inducing holiday snaps and updates. Make sure your social media settings are listed as private and can only be viewed by friends or people you trust, as ‘checking in’ or broadcasting your holiday photos and updates on public sites can be risky.

3. Put away valuables

Safe in shape of house with hand reaching for it

Never leave valuables like laptops, iPads, handbags or wallets within reach of open windows, cat flaps or letterboxes, as it only takes seconds for a burglar to reach in and grab something.

4. Sort out spare keys

Bunch of silver keys

If you’re off on holiday, leave a set of keys with someone you trust so they can keep an eye on your home while you’re away. Always avoid leaving any spares in clichéd hiding places around your house and garden; thieves know where to look.

5. Take care of post

Newspaper sticking out of letterbox

Ask a friend or neighbour to remove post from your letterbox or front porch regularly, as a growing pile of letters and packages is a clear indicator that a house is absent. Alternatively, you can use the Royal Mail’s keepsafe service, which holds on to your letters for up to 66 days.

6. Lock your doors

Key in door lock

It may sound obvious, but if you’re out enjoying the garden, make sure your front door is locked and any accessible windows are secure. Opportunists only need a minute to do their dirty work.

7. Pack up garden tools

Wicker basket of garden tools

Always pack away tools after a day tending to your garden or doing some DIY and make sure they’re locked away and out of reach. Easy-to-grab tools are exactly the sort of things burglars look for to gain entry to a property.

8. Timers for lights

One illuminated lightbulb in a row of bulbs

Keep a few lights on in the evenings using timer switches, but avoid pulling all your curtains or blinds before you’re heading off for a weekend or on holiday, as this can indicate no-one is home – especially in summer when the days are longer.

9. Install an alarm

Security cameras on corner of wall

Install a home alarm, so that if the worst happens and there is a break in, you can be alerted quickly and you or your neighbours can contact the police.

10. Make sure you’re covered

Calculator and pen on full lever arch file

Lastly make sure you have adequate contents insurance in place, so that you’re protected should you find yourself a victim of summer burglary.

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