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We believe that good insurance cover matters

If it was raining outside, you might buy an umbrella to stay dry, but you wouldn’t be surprised if you bought a cheap one and still got wet.

Why should it be any different for insurance?

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Many people go to comparison sites looking for cheap insurance quotes without really knowing what they’re buying…

…we think it can be different.

You shouldn’t have to pay the earth for insurance that gives you peace of mind for when you need it most. But often you get what you pay for, and cheap insurance might not be as comprehensive as you think when you come to make a claim.

That’s why instead, we use technology to reduce our in-house costs so we can save you money in the right places, and why we design our products to be as catch-free as possible.

No extra cost to pay monthly. No charges to change or cancel your policy. Just simple, quality products that fit your needs, backed by world-leading insurers and proven claims handlers you can trust.

What are you waiting for?

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Why choose coverbaloo?

Peace of mind

We partner with some of the most respected insurers in the world to make sure that you have quality cover that suits you and is there when you need it most.

No charges

Paying monthly by direct debit? That's free!
Need to change something on your policy? It won't cost you anything extra.
Decide you want to cancel? We won't charge you for that either.†

Always fair

Nobody likes surprises - that's why we focus on quality cover and work with claims handlers who are some of the top in the UK for paying out.

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