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Income Protection
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Please use the form below to complete an acceptance of a quote from a customer we have issued a letter.

They will have received a letter from us informing them that the insurer of their existing Income Protection policy is withdrawing from the market, and that we have found them alternative cover with Trent-Services (Administration) Limited and underwritten by AmTrust Europe Limited.

All you need to do is ask them their name and policy number, and read the declaration to them getting their agreement. If they say that they need to make any changes to the quote, then note these amendments down in the text box in as much detail as required, and they will receive an amended quote in the post soon after. They will then need to confirm acceptance of this new quote by the same methods as the original (either through the website link listed in the letter, or by emailing or phoning us).

If in any doubt, please ask Emma or Adam.