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Book a free 30 minute no obligation phone consultation with us now to go through your home insurance. We’ll help you understand your current policy by explaining what everything means and give you all the information you need to find the right cover for you at the best price.

Due to our capacity, we’re not able to offer many of these sessions and they often book up quickly. Don’t put yourself at risk by potentially leaving yourself without the right cover until your renewal – book a slot now!

What will you get out of it?

We’re passionate about making sure everyone has the right cover in place to protect their home at a fair price, which is why our aim is to either:

Review guarantee - save money, improve cover, or validate current deal

Even if we can’t improve on your current cover or price, we’ll have done our job if you can sleep a little easier having validated that you and your family are protected with a policy that’s right for you.

What will we cover on the call?

During the phone consultation we’ll aim to go through:

  • What cover you currently have and don’t have
  • Make sure you understand all parts of it
  • Answer any queries you’ve always had
  • Evaluate where we can improve your cover
  • Give you a no-obligation price for switching your cover to us
Cartoon man inspecting toy house with magnifying glass

We’ll help you put your home insurance under a magnifying glass to make sure you’re protected where it matters

30 minutes might seem like a long time (or it might be very short depending where you’ve bought insurance before!), but we think it’s just enough time for us to talk through the most important things to you and clear up any burning questions that you might have.

How much could I save or improve on my cover?

This can vary a lot from person to person – after all, the same policy can’t meet everyone’s different needs at once. But if you’ve been with the same big insurer for years, then chances are higher that you could be paying far too much. In fact the financial regulator found that as many as 6 million people in the UK could be paying on average £200 per year too much by not switching[1].
For those of you already paying a reasonable price, it still might not be the right cover for you and we may be able to add thousands of pounds of additional peace of mind for you without any extra cost. Our cover limits are higher than the average in the industry and are full of comprehensive extras that aren’t offered as standard by many providers.

Some of the benefits of insuring your home with us

  • One of the best policies on the market for paying out claims – our claims handler paid out over 97.5% of claims[2] over the last 3 years, which means worrying less about whether you’ll get paid when you need it most
  • Comprehensive but affordable cover as standard – £1 million buildings and £100,000 contents cover should mean you can relax knowing you have enough without having to get out your calculator
  • Free to pay monthly – most insurers in the UK will charge you extra for the flexibility of paying by monthly direct debit, but we give it for free as standard to help spread your costs
  • Flexible range of optional covers – depending on your specific needs, you can choose to add on extra cover for legal expenses, accidental damage, home emergency, or personal belongings away from the home

Why are we offering you this consultation for free?

Our mission is to spread the word that quality insurance matters.

The expertise and knowledge that we can share with you in your review is incredibly valuable, as it has the possibility to uncover areas of exposure where you could already be risking thousands of pounds with incorrect cover.

We’re so passionate about this that we want to ensure you have the right cover in place for you, even if it’s not with us. Naturally we think that we can provide you with quality comprehensive cover at an affordable price, but if we can’t then we want you to walk away feeling better informed and more confident in the insurance you have in place already.


We always want to be fair to both our new and existing customers, so we don’t charge any fees to cancel if you’re ever unhappy.

FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – in the first 14 days, you can cancel and receive a 100% refund (if you haven’t claimed of course!) if you’ve found cover that’s better for you or you’re unhappy. No hidden charges, no questions.

NO STRINGS FOR A LIFETIME – even if you want to cancel after 14 days, we still won’t charge you anything to leave and you’ll only pay for the time you’ve been on cover. So if you paid upfront, you’ll get the rest of the year back.

ZERO CHARGES FOR CHANGES – your policy should always fit around you, and we know your situation won’t always be the same, so we won’t ever charge you a fee to change something on your policy.


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